"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
  - William Arthur Ward
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Student video guidelines to creating an effective video

Script Preparation
If you have a script or an idea of what you're going to shoot before you begin, the shoot will go smoother.

Response Mechanism
When your audience (terrific prospective teachers and other staff!) have finished watching your video, do they know how to contact your school? Ask them to respond with their resume and let them know to whom they should send it!

Is there plenty of light on your subject? (Be careful not to light your subjects from behind. It will look like they are standing in a dark corner). Does the lighting match from one scene to another? Even lighting will give the video a professional look.

If possible, use external microphones. Built-in camera microphones don't work well.

Filming Tips and Techniques
  • Shoot more film than you think you will need. You can edit later.

  • Use a tripod whenever possible. Don't hold the camera if you can avoid it. Arms get tired and the picture starts to shake. (In small doses, however, handheld can create an interesting effect).

  • Try not to zoom in on a subject or pan across a scene unless necessary. Websites/computers have a hard time with these actions. If you do need to zoom or pan, do so slowly and evenly.

If you could talk to hundreds, thousands, even millions of job seekers and tell them why your school is the best place to work, what would you tell them? Would you talk to them about your community? Your school's dedication to education? Teachers you really admire? How about that new science lab or last year's State Football Championship? You know your school better than anybody, and there's a lot to tell. Now, thanks to YouSchools, you have a way to tell them.

YouSchools.org is an on-line community where education professionals- teachers, administrators, and support staff-can go to look for jobs. But YouSchools is more than a job site. By featuring 2-3 minute videos, YouSchools gives job seekers an inside view about what makes a school special. Best of all, the videos are student-produced. YOU get to write it, direct it and edit it. This gives students some influence over who responds to your school's job postings-along with a fun and exciting learning experience.

Before you start, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Remember that this is a recruitment video. Your assignment is to promote your school as a great place to work. And to provide job seekers with important information that will help them make an informed decision about their future. Never lose sight of your audience. Remember who they are. Be real. Be positive. Tell the truth.

  • What you like best about your school. Make a list of highlights. Remember, everyone wants to work someplace that offers a friendly, upbeat environment. People looking at your video will want that, too. Make them want to work at your school by bringing out the best in it.

  • School Favorites. Favorite Teachers, Coaches, Food Service Workers. Seek them out. Interview them. Let them tell their peers what they like about working at your school. Their job-seeking counterparts will be interested in what they have to say.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities. Let's get back to that State Championship team or that award-winning drama club. Or chess club. Or robotics club. Everyone wants to work someplace that offers a sense of teamwork and success. Tell job seekers about the variety of activities your school offers, and those in which your school excels.

  • The school itself. We aren't just talking about the sign over the front door. Give them a tour of the library, in-classroom shots of teachers teaching, the athletic facilities, even the teachers' lounge. But don't forget the sign over the front door or the championship banner in the gym. Make sure they know your name.

  • Students. Interview one or two of your peers, or maybe a whole bunch of them. As we said before, teachers want to work someplace friendly. Let job seekers get to know you. Let them hear in your voice what students want in a teacher.

  • An interview with the Superintendent of Schools or School Principal. An inspiring message about what your school stands for, its mission and goals, can be a great way to match job seekers with a job they will love.

  • Your Town. Just like a school, every town has its own personality. Some teachers are looking for a job in a community with plenty of shopping and dining nearby. Others might like to be close to outdoor recreational activities. And some might like to just sit back and chill on the weekends. What's your town got going?

  • Creative aspects of your video. Special effects, music, and some creative editing using a combination of video and still photos can be effective. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative. Remember, other schools are working on videos, too. Here's your opportunity to make your school shine!

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